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THOMB’s Recent Stream Crashes

Twitch streamer THOMB

Twitch streamer THOMB’s recent live broadcast has crashed after his home was literally struck by lightning.

During THOMB’s July 27th live broadcast, he was racing while there was a menacing storm that was raging outside of their house. The raging storm was too loud that even his viewers could hear the cracking boom of thunder but that didn’t stop the streamer to continue his stream and race.

However, things suddenly became unexpected and quite shocking as a tremendous roar ripped through the broadcast and THOMB’s webcam flickered a bizarre green for an eerie second. In that instant, THOMB’s screen froze and he seemingly lost control of his vehicle before pulling up to the pause menu.

While still in the stream, viewers could hear him asking; “Oh my God, guys. Are you still there? Are you still there? Guys, literally my monitor went out! Can you hear me? What? Oh my God!”

Because of this, THOMB began wondering if it was even safe to continue with the broadcast. The whole incident seemed to be quite scary for him and so absurd that he felt the need to post the clip of his stream on twitter while captioning; “Got struck by lightning today.”

Fans and viewers are relieved that nothing bad happens to the streamer and to the stream. Hopefully the next time he gets racing, the IRL conditions are just as good as the ones in the game.

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