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The Twilight Is Hunter Set For Sea Of Thieves

The Twilight Is Hunter Set For Sea Of Thieves

Earn the Sea of Thieves Twilight Hunter Set through Twitch drops. The rules and rewards that players can earn were explained in a tweet by Twitch streamer Captain Falcore. Players can earn cosmetics by watching partner streams for a set period of time, just like with other Twitch Drops.

Players must view partner streams, as is the case with most Twitch drops. One of the rewards listed above is yours after watching for an hour. Beginning on August 19th at 9 UTC or 5 a.m. ET. Players must sign into both their Sea of Thieves account and Twitch account and link them in order to receive the rewards. 

The number of watched hours can then be accumulated by players. Players are not required to complete these hours consecutively.

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