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The OTV Valorant Tournament Teams

For their holiday charity event, Offline TV is hosting a Valorant tournament, in which players are divided into teams. The five teams will compete on Twitch from December 18 to 19, each with their own leader.

OTV never disappoints when it comes to holiday programming. Normally, the group of young internet personalities would release a simple holiday video such as Secret Santa, but this time, they have created a charity event in which five teams made up of OTV members and friends will compete in a Valorant tournament.

  1. Team Lily

Shiphtur, Seanic, Sykkuno, and Yvonnie make up Team Lily. Lilypichu, the team’s leader, is best known for her music and art. As a popular Twitch streamer, Lily and her team may find themselves in a tight spot among the competition, as there is some stiff competition with not only experience but also an overall strategy that could put them in a bind.

  1. Team Toast

Ryan Higa, BaboAbe, Natsumiii, and Ariasaki make up Team Toast. DisguisedToast is one of OTV’s smartest members, having gained a lot of notoriety for his Among Us videos. His strategy could be the game’s defining change, and hopefully, his team can carry out his plans successfully.

  1. Team Scarra

PeterPark, HJune, Valkyrae, and Jummy are members of Team Scarra. Scarra was a professional League of Legends esports player turned Twitch streamer, and while League isn’t the same as the first-person shooter Valorant, it doesn’t change the fact that Scarra has the most professional experience and can channel that energy into his team, which has a lot of talented members who are all capable of dominating the tournament.

  1. Team Jojo

Masayoshi, QuarterJade, Brookeeab, Kkatamina, and Brodin are members of Team Jojo. Jojo is not a member of OTV like some of the other team leaders, but the most recent members, Masayoshi and Quarter Jade, are the most noticeable aspect of this team, as Masayoshi, or John, is considered one of the strongest Valorant players in OTV, ranking above Platinum, and this duo is highly favored among OTV fans to win the tournament.

  1. Team Pokimane

Starsmitten, Bnans, Boxbox, and Fulsie are among the members of Team Pokimane. This team has not received much online attention as a leading contender in the tournament; perhaps Pokimane’s team will surprise their viewers in the end, but things are not looking good for Pokimane so far.

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