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The Balloon World Cup

The Balloon World Cup

Balloon World Cup, created by Twitch star Ibai Llanos, has made it to national television, with Shaquille O’Neal, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, and Ernie Johnson Jr playing the game on set.

After gaining notoriety as a full-time video creator for G2 Esports, Ibai left the team early this year and moved in with eight of his closest friends and other streamers. The influencer went on to create the Balloon World Cup, a sport he invented in which two players compete to keep a balloon flying. The game is similar to volleyball, only it takes place within a room with tables and chairs spread around.

On a recent broadcast of NBA on TNT, the hosts decided to close the show by having “a little bit of fun” while playing the game on national television. Shaq said it’s been a thing for a while, and there was even a world cup based on it, after showing a TikTok video of two people playing the Balloon game.

“This is an accident waiting to happen,” Smith said as the last match of the World Cup was shown on the TV. As the hosts rose from their seats, Johnson began to explain the game’s regulations.

They didn’t start without friendly banter between the two, though, as Shaq turned to Charles and said: “You better not get in my way.”

As the retired basketball players chased the balloon on set, they all seemed to want to get out of the game as soon as possible.

Everyone agreed with Shaq when he said: “Who came up with this stupid game?”

Finally, it seems that they all had a good time, and it’s fascinating to see a Twitch streamer’s concept for an enjoyable activity make it to national television.

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