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The Apex Legends Bug In Mil-Spec Skin

On Tuesday, Respawn Entertainment announced via Twitter that the Mil-Spec skin on Bangalore in Apex Legends had a game-breaking bug. Your game may crash if you have the skin on and select Bangalore from the character select screen. Re-opening the game, fortunately, will reconnect you to your match and allow you to play.

Bangalore’s new Mil-Spec skin has a new animation that causes this bug. When characters are selected at the character select screen, they usually perform a small animation to indicate that they have been chosen. Players appear to be experiencing crashes as a result of the new skin and animation.

Furthermore, this isn’t just a problem for the player who chooses her; every player on the team who sees the new animation will experience a game crash.

Simply put, if you want to avoid crashing, don’t equip the skin for the time being. If you have a teammate who has the skin, simply relax if the game crashes and restart it to continue. This fix will be updated as new information becomes available.

Because this bug was discovered and reported so quickly, fans were quick to point out some of the other bugs that remained in the game. Other issues were mentioned in one of the most popular responses to Respawn’s confirmation of the bug.

This is only a partial list of Apex Legends’ bugs, but crashing the game and preventing players from playing is a top priority. Some of the other bugs mentioned are minor annoyances that should be addressed but do not affect gameplay. The names of weapon skins are incorrect, and Twitch or treasure pack rewards are missing. Larger problems, such as infinite rampage, the sentinel charge exploit, and others, should be addressed first by Respawn.

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