Fade 2 Karma Streamers

The Fade 2 Karma team was formed in 2015 by a group of Hearthstone players who wanted to compete in the pro-leagues. However, while the team generally perform quite well, they have only achieved a few top placements over the years.

The Fade 2 Karma team has since shifted its focus to the management of Twitch content creators, with their main focus on the online collectible card game (CCG) genres. As most CCG’s are a lot more slow-paced than MOBAs and fps games, their partners are generally among the calmer and friendlier personalities on Twitch.  This ties in with their Facebook mission statement that says, ‘We want to use that influence to present the products of our partners which will make people’s lives happier, easier and healthier. Our mission is to grow both our team and our community and we firmly believe that being positive role models is just good karma.’

They do however still have players that participate in pro-tournaments, such as J4ckiechan who has been a member of the team since early 2016.