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Summit1g Has CS:GO Fail

Summit1g Has CS:GO Fail

Twitch Streamer Jaryd Lazar AKA Summit1g may have moved on from competitive Counter-Strike, but he still doesn’t seem to get along with Molotovs after his infamous ”worst play of the decade.”

Fans and followers of Summit1g may remember his time with professional esports teams A51 and Mythic where he competed in CS:GO. Although he has since retired from competition, he continues to play the game.

Summit1g earned the title of “Worst CSGO Play of the Decade ” in early 2020 referring to a furious loss to CLGaming in which he walked through his own Molotov, taking 40 damage and losing the map. He is still burdened by what is known as the “1G Curse” in which he set himself on fire in various games.

He has maintained these interesting games over the years with video games like Hunt” Showdown Split Gate Rust, and Grand Theft Auto RP and he now has more than 6 million followers on streaming platform Twitch.

Last August 29th, Summit1g decided to play Hunt: Showdown. The goal of the game is to kill a mythical monster, collect bounty, and escape to a safe place and he appeared to be doing a good job of it.

During his Twitch stream, he came into contact with an enemy monster after jumping down a flush of stairs and dreaded “1G Curse” reappeared, hunting him.He fires a few shots while backing away form the enemy before launching a Molotov Cocktail and take another step back from the monster and throws the cocktail at it.

He threw the cocktail at the monster while being too close and immediately set himself on fire, unlike his infamous Counter-Strike clip in which he threw the cocktail and proceeded to walk through the fire. He was then able to put out the fire and return to the game.

Summit1g has proved and shown that he can at least get away from the “1G Curge” once whether or not this is the last time he encounters it.

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