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Subathon Stream of Froste Hits 800 Hours

Subathon Stream of Froste Hits 800 Hours

Twitch streamer Froste was left stunned after his subathon stream has recently hit 800 hours because of a massive donation from his viewers.

Subathons on twitch have become quite popular on the platform after the popular twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has hosted his own subathon stream which lasted over 31 days breaking the sub-record count formerly held by twitch star Ninja in the process. Since then, several streamers on the platform have wanted to host their own subathon stream including the twitch star xQc who aims for a longer stream as he stated that he will be doing it for 60 days straight.

Subathon streams work with the simple premise being that a subscription or donation would add time to the stream’s duration. Twitch streamer and former 100 Thieves star Froste also recently hosted his subathon stream and he claimed that the profit of the stream will all be going to Gamers Outreach, a non-profit organization that helps provide games to kids in hospitals.

In his subathon stream, a tier 1 sub or $5 donation would add on an additional two minutes. Froste initially admitted that he was nervous and a bit stressed over his subathon but it turns out, his fans came out in droves to support him with some even donating ridiculously large sums in the process.

During the broadcast, Froste was in a complete shock after seeing that he received a whopping $3,683 donation and then a $10,000 one only five minutes after. Then shortly after, he once again received a $14,000 donation and what’s more shocking is that the donation was all from the same donor as it was named as DerangedNative.

However, it seems like the donor was not finished yet as he followed up his donation with a whopping $16,000 and then an over-the-top $50K. Froste posted a screenshot on twitter celebrating the massive donation that put his timer at over 800 hours while captioning that he was in complete shock.

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