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Streamer Roflgator Breaks Elbow

Streamer Roflgator Breaks Elbow

Robert “roflgator,” a Twitch streamer, revealed on Twitter that he may need surgery after breaking his elbows “three places” while playing soccer as part of the ongoing OTK gameday event.

The incident happened on February 25 during a stream when Matthew “Mizkif,” a different Twitch streamer who is also a co-owner of the OTK company, made a forceful tackle on roflgator, sending him to the ground and breaking his arm. Mizkif was given a blue card for the tackle and given a two-minute timeout by the referee. Robert was unable to continue playing, but his side still triumphed 3-2. 

Afterwards, Robert updated his social media followers on his injury. OTK invited a variety of creative, both inside and outside the company, to take part in its first sporting event of the year. Names like Eric “Erobb,” Ali “SypherPK,” Will “WillNeff,” and PeachJars were among those on the team sheet. roflgator, who was playing for the Blue Team, was one of the players named on the roster. Little over a minute remained in the first half of the game when Mizkif lunged at roflgator, prompting the streamer to collapse onto his arms and groan in agony.

After the game, Mizkif told Malena that he was “feeling shi**y” about the tackle. He declared: “I feel bad for Rob. I feel really shi**y… No, I mean, that’s the game, but I feel bad. It sucks. I hope he’s okay.” 

Later, roflgator said he wasn’t upset with Mizkif for the tackle: “Also I respect the hustle on miz. I’m not upset at him at all.”

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