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Streamer BonnieRabbit Panics

Streamer BonnieRabbit Panics

During a broadcast, BonnieRabbit, a Twitch streamer, was astonished when the patio cover she was using flew off in the wind.

There is no way of knowing what might occur while IRL streaming on Twitch, whether it is in your garden or a nearby town. The possibilities are unlimited, from being pursued by monkeys to having a man try to break into your car while you’re broadcasting. 

Twitch broadcaster BonnieRabbit was recently broadcasting from her patio when the wind chose to remove a portion of the patio cover. On May 11, 2023, Bonnie and Esfand were constructing raised plant beds on the patio when Bonnie realized she needed to secure her gazebo more effectively. She was presumably doing so when the wind had another plan because it tore it from her hands. “No No. No. No!!” she screamed as it blew across the patio.

Unfortunately, the patio cover collapsed into the yard, causing damage. Bonnie was frustrated and went back inside to rest while she tried to decide what to do. “Chat, I’m moving.” She joked before going back outside to look at the damage. Bonnie and Esfand were unable to return it upstairs before the stream ended, but they were successful in realizing their initial objective to build elevated garden beds.

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