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Streamer BlissX Heard Gunshots

Streamer BlissX Heard Gunshots

Last night, VALORANT streamer BlissX’s Twitch broadcast was cut short when she heard loud gunshots close to her apartment’s front door.

She abruptly said, “They’re shooting in my hallway. She was startled and started shaking, in a state of shock. “They were at my fucking door.” She was about to start a game and was conversing with a friend when this occurred. She called the police after he reassured her.

She then claimed that the apartment next door was the objective. She nervously laughed as she stated, “They shot her whole apartment. I’m traumatized.”

She was comforted by her chat and friend, who even suggested that she cut the stream, but she eventually became more at ease by cracking jokes and engaging in more VALORANT games. Atlantan streamer BlissX is from there. Later, she posted a video in which she claimed that she should have fallen to the ground to avoid stray gunshots but was too shocked to react. She also stated that she was secure. 

Her conversation partner and her friend each offered experiences about times when they were in close proximity to gunshots. She stated those gunshots implied the weapons used were “heavier” than she had ever heard, albeit she had already experienced that in New York.

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