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Pokimane’s Reaction to Trainwrecks’ Defending Gambling Streams


With the gambling streams have become the most controversial topic on the platform right now, many streamers have been weighing in, voicing out their opinion about the matter and the recent streamer who weigh-in was Twitch streamer Pokimane who commented on fellow streamer Trainwrecks’ defense of gambling streams stating that he was making people lose money because of his gambling streams.

Several big names on twitch have seen a lot of success with their gambling streams including streamers like xQc, Trainwrecks and Adin Ross.

Every time they go live, thousands of viewers are tuning in to watch them gamble while making money off it. With this, it seems like the controversy surrounding twitch gambling streams doesn’t look to be ending any time soon.

Twitch streamer Trainwrecks who also took part of the trend and has many times defended his gambling streams from the criticism by saying that his losses on gambling streams are a great example of why people should not gamble.

However, Twitch streamer Pokimane contradicted his defense stating that she doesn’t think his defense holds much weight. Pokimane says that the companies have been giving him a lot of money every month for him to do gambling on his channel which means that his viewers are indeed losing money on these sites every single month.

She concluded; “As much as you want to say that the tactics and precautions you do prevent people from gambling, ultimately you are losing people money, and the proof is in the check you get every month.”

Needless to say, as controversial a topic as these gambling streams are, Pokimane has clearly sided with those opposed to it.


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