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Pokimane And Mizkif Talks About Their Friendship

Pokimane And Mizkif Talks About Their Friendship

Twitch celebrities Imane “Pokimane” and Matthew “Mizkif” met up for their yearly collaboration on July 5, 2023. Pokimane once caught a Twitch chatter saying they “hate to see” her engage with Mizkif during their livestream. It was said: “I just hate to see Poki with Miz now. It used to be funny, now it’d be weird.”

Pokimane faced the audience and questioned their reasoning behind their position. She subsequently observed that the identical fan had inquired as to whether Mizkif “isn’t canceled anymore.” Mizkif responded by asserting that “cancellation” didn’t exist. The AdrianahLee-CrazySlick sexual assault story, Pokimane added, was a “tumultuous time” in the streamer’s friendship and career. Her remarks surprised the co-founder of the One True King (OTK), who enquired as to what he had done. The Moroccan-Canadian host then mentioned the infamous call he took part in with Felix “xQc,” Zack “Asmongold,” and Tyler “Trainwreckstv.”

Pokimane said in response to Mizkif’s claim that he had been a good friend: “I would say… you were a low-tier friend. (Mizkif responds by asking if Pokimane is telling him to ‘kill himself’) No! I would never! What the f**k! What?! Anyways.” 

Pokimane found the message from the aforementioned Twitch chatter, in which they expressed their disapproval with the streamers’ partnership, at the 01:40 mark of her livestream. After examining the viewer’s rather strong feelings, Mizkif replied: “Damn! This guy goes crazy! (Pokimane inquires if the streamer wishes to discuss the subject) Uh, yeah. I mean, basically… no. No, I don’t want to speak to that. Listen, ‘You’re trying to kill yourself?’ No, I’m not. There’s no such thing as cancelation. There’s just not! Also, I mean, chat, I’m doing a charity stream tomorrow. I’m going to give my liver for a lot of money. It’s going to be really exciting stuff.”

The AdrianahLee-CrazySlick controversy, in which Mizkif was charged with concealing s*xual assault, was then brought up by Pokimane. She uttered: “Listen. Yes, there was a tumultuous time. Both, in his career, in our friendship. A lot of uncertainty. (Matthew interrupts, asking Imane what did he do to their friendship) You were up in that call with… Train and X and Asmon.”

The 28-year-old responded by labeling Pokimane “stupid” for thinking of him as a “bad friend”: “Bro! If you think – you are so dumb if you ever think that I was a bad friend to you.”

A short while later, the Twitch streamers started laughing, and the OTK member said that he had been a “good friend.” Pokimane now asserted that he was a “low-tier friend.” The Los Angeles-based personality continued the debate by jokingly saying: “Anyways. Personally, our friendship has moved past that. He apologized and hosted me a couple of times. I thought it was worse… it was still pretty bad (Pokimane starts laughing).”

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