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PewDiePie Unbanned

PewDiePie Unbanned

PewDiePie, a hugely popular YouTube star, received a mystery account ban from Twitch despite not even doing live broadcasts there. Since the ban was not lifted, PewDiePie’s account is once again active.

On May 8, the streaming service run by Amazon blocked PewDiePie’s account. It’s unclear what exactly the ban was for. PewDiePie isn’t precisely thought of as a Twitch streamer first and foremost because he is primarily recognized for his pre-recorded video on YouTube and is one of the site’s top influences to this day. In fact, it appears that it has been a while since the Swedish celebrity who moved to Japan immediately made an appearance on Twitch. Certainly not in a professional position. 

On March 21, his Twitch account unexpectedly reappeared, leading many to suspect that his account had been hijacked. There was no genuine “live” content” in that show involving Pewds himself; instead, it alternated between playing back previous videos and oddly broadcasting entire episodes of the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys. Naturally, many feared the worst, but it quickly became clear that CoPilotMedia had taken control of the channel and had changed it into an ongoing rerun that alternated between old programming. 

Twitch streaming is probably not PewDiePie’s top priority anyway because he is far more focused on creating YouTube content and because he is expecting his first kid. There are more than 1.5 million subscribers to the channel. PewDiePie hasn’t yet made the rerun content available after the ban was lifted, though.

PewDiePie has been banned and then unbanned without addressing the issue. The whole length of the suspension was three days.

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