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Overwatch SR kills Dr Disrespect And TimTheTatman Duo

Overwatch SR kills Dr Disrespect And TimTheTatman Duo

Dr Disrespect and TimTheTatman, two popular YouTube streamers, returned to Overwatch on January 26 – or tried to, before a major outdated skill rating issue reared its ugly head.

TimTheTatman was once one of Twitch’s most popular Overwatch streamers, regularly topping the platform’s most-watched broadcasters. Tim found himself playing less and less of Blizzard’s hero shooter as the game became stale and new games were released.

He made his long-awaited return to Overwatch on January 26th in his first-ever OW stream since switching to YouTube. Unfortunately for Tim (and everyone else who wanted to watch him streams with Dr Disrespect), the game almost prevented the two from playing together.

Tim and Doc moved on to Overwatch after finishing the Warzone portion of their broadcast, with the intention of queueing competitively – but some game design choices made that impossible.

Tim had logged into his main account and the two-time had logged into his, and the two had formed a group and were ready to start their competitive placement matches when Tim was greeted by a screen informing him that this would not be possible because of Tim’s previous SR highs from previous seasons, the game deemed it unfair for him to queue alongside Dr Disrespect.

Tim last played competitively on his alternate account in Season 20, and it’s now Season 32, so it’s been quite some time. Tim and Doc were deemed unable to play a team-based game together, despite the fact that Tim’s skill had likely deteriorated as well.

The two YouTubers eventually found a way to queue up after logging into his wife’s account, but only after spending a significant amount of time figuring out a workaround.

When the sequel is released, Blizzard hopes to find a way to make it easier for friends to play Overwatch together.

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