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Nickmercs And Apex Legends Difficulty

Nickmercs And Apex Legends Difficulty

The king of the battle royale Nicholas Kolcheff AKA NICKMERCS and Apex Legends are best friends. There is a lot to like about it, especially when compared to Warzone, according to the Twitch star, but that doesn’t mean he considers it to be an easy task.

On the contrary, Nickmercs claimed that it is much harder than Fortnite and Warzone during his August 23rd stream after giving it some thought.

The seasoned first-person shooter player claimed that Fortnite, a close competitor in battle royales, is comparable in that it holds the player’s hands. He considers Apex Legends, a franchise game from Respawn, to be a different beast that is much more challenging to master.

Nickmercs used an example of himself. He admitted that he was “so bad” at Apex when he first started, despite being one of the most skilled first-person shooter players on Twitch. He persevered through embarrassing games until he got better, and now he’s good enough to be invited to pro-tier tournaments with top players.

The MFAM commander urged supporters to play aggressively because, in his opinion, it is the key to quickly improving. According to Nickmercs, being more aggressive in Apex Legends will help you adjust to pressure situations more quickly.

It took NICKMERCS some time to try Apex Legends. He resisted the hype for a very long time, but finally gave in as he got more and more fed up with the Call of Duty series, and he’s so glad he did.

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