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Mongraal’s Gaming Setup: An In-Depth Look

mongraal gaming setup

Given his high response rates and rapid editing skills, it’s no wonder that people are interested in knowing what equipment Mongraal’s gaming setup includes in order to maintain his momentum.

Mongraal made a name for himself as a thirteen-year-old Fortnite prodigy back in July 2018, when he signed on with Team secret. Since then, he has maintained his reputation as being among the top performers in the professional Fortnite scene, reportedly earning himself over $565,000 USD from various tournaments since his debut, including both the 6th place in the first Duo Fortnite World World Championship and 13th in the Solo Fortnite World Championship in 2019.



What Monitor Does Mongraal Use?

Mongraal uses an ACER XF250Q 24.5-inch monitor. Mongraal actually uses a three-monitor gaming setup, but it is the Acer XF250Q that he uses specifically for gaming. It utilizes a 1920 x 1080 display with a 240Hz refresh rate, a 1ms response time and a brightness capacity of up to 400 cd/m². It can also pivot to 90°, height adjustments of up to 5.91-inches and swivel right and left by 60°.

Although many fps pro-gamers such as Myth and DrLupo seem to feel that a 144Hz refresh rate is sufficient, Mongraal has clearly decided not to take any chances where there may be a possible advantage.

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What Mouse Does Mongraal Use?

Mongraal uses a Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury mouse. The Logitech G402 is a wired right-handed AM010 optical gaming mouse with a maximum dpi range of between 240 – 4,000, with a maximum acceleration of up to 16G and a maximum tracking speed of up to 500 ips. The eight programable side-buttons can be set up through the G402’s software, with can then be stored on the mouse’s internal memory.

The side of the mouse curve inward slightly and feature rubber grips for extra support. The optical mouse uses a Fusion Engine hybrid sensor to achieve its high tracking speed, although there have been mixed reviews regarding its performance.

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What Keyboard Does Mongraal Use?

Mongraal uses a Corsair K65 Compact gaming keyboard. The Corsair K65 is a wired tenkeyless RGB gaming keyboard with Cherry MX red switches that is designed to give fps gamers more space for their mouse, as well as to allow for easier transportation. The switches feature an actuation distance of 2mm and an operating force of 45g in order to enable rapid gameplay. Furthermore, in addition to large font on the keycaps, it also comes with an extra set of ADEFQRSW gripped keycaps for fps and MOBA gamers.

The Corsair K65 also comes with a detachable soft-touch wrist rest while the keyboard itself is built on an anodized brushed aluminum frame.

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Mongraal uses a Corsair Void Pro RGB headset. The Corsair Void Pro RGB headset is closed-backed and has Dolby 7.1 surround sound capabilities as well as 50mm drivers. They feature a 20 – 20,000Hz response range with a 107dB sensitivity, and have wireless range of ~12m (40 feet) and has a 16-hour battery life. It can also be used while it is plugged in and charging.

Its microphone boasts a 100 – 10,000Hz frequency response range with a sensitivity of -38dB.

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What Webcam Does Mongraal Use?

Mongraal uses a Logitech Brio webcam. The Logitech BRIO is an updated version of the C922 that incorporates additional features such as 4K Ultra HD video capture capabilities as well as RightLight 3 that automatically adjusts the camera lighting. It is also able to zoom in up to five times closer to an image, and its field of vision can be further tweaked between 65°, 78° and 90° as well.

Many of these features are unnecessary when you are first starting out, so you might want to consider the Logitech C920 or C922 if you are buying your first webcam or just want a cheaper, simple plug-and-play experience.

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