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Mizzy Says He’ll Be Doing A IRL Twitch Stream

Mizzy Says He’ll Be Doing A IRL Twitch Stream

After being detained as a result of multiple widely shared films showing him breaking into strangers’ houses on TikTok, the contentious prankster known as “Mizzy” has announced that he will be streaming on Twitch.

A two-year criminal behavior order was imposed on 18-year-old influencer Bacari-Bronze O’Garro as a result of a slew of prank films he made that went viral on numerous social media sites. The videos, which showed O’Garro—better known online as “Mizzy”—entering others’ houses and even stealing an elderly woman’s dog, infuriated internet users. In another upsetting video, Mizzy is seen approaching strangers at a railway station and asking them if they “want to die,” while another shows the young girl intimidating Jews on the street.

O’Garro’s jokes led to an investigation, an arrest, and a sentence. Due to his content, some of his social media profiles have also been blocked. However, he hasn’t yet been removed from one platform. Since his TikTok and Instagram accounts have been banned, Mizzy stated in an interview with Piers Morgan on May 24 that he has plans to start IRL (in real life) streaming on Twitch. 

He said, “I’m gonna be on Twitch. Yeah, I’m gonna start streaming on Twitch. IRL streams, gaming streams. My Twitch is ‘mizzyislive’ if you wanna get at that.” 

Mizzy’s Twitch profile currently has over 260 followers. Additionally active, his Twitter account has over 384 followers. A criminal behavior order was issued to O’Garro on May 24 forbidding him from “directly or indirectly” sharing content on social media “without the documented consent of the people featured in the content.” Additionally, he had to pay a £365 fine. It’s unclear whether Mizzy’s IRL streaming, in which presenters frequently live-stream their journeys outside, will contravene this directive.

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