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Mizkif Take On Alinity’s Twitch Ban

Mizkif Take On Alinity’s Twitch Ban

After Alinity, a friend and fellow streamer, received a three-day suspension for twerking during a live broadcast, Mizkif criticized Twitch’s ban regulations.

After being suspended for three days on May 30 for “sharing content that focuses on sexually suggestive behavior, content, or commentary,” Alinity retaliated against Twitch in a series of angry tweets. The streamer posted a video of the incident that she said led to her suspension, in which she was seen dancing to music while another artist next to her rapped over a beat. 

Alinity slammed the website for its ban procedures, stating on Twitter that “When I tell them that there’s way worse in the platform, all Twitch says is: ‘Well, it needs [to be] reported for a ban,’ so I guess go ahead and report anything you think is worse than this, ’cause there is lots.” Despite her original 3-day ban, Alinity’s account was fortunately reactivated just 24 hours later. She did, however, make it obvious that she’s thinking about quitting the “bullshit” streaming platform because she’s been openly offered a deal to join other websites like Rumble.

Not just Alinity has been criticizing Twitch. Mizkif, a close friend and fellow Twitch streamer, has also expressed his opinions on the subject, criticizing Twitch’s ban procedure in a ten-minute YouTube video the very next day. In the video, Mizkif expressed bewilderment about the kind of content that Twitch accepts, pointing out that the ‘Pools, Beaches, and Hot Tubs’ category seemed to toe the line between what would be considered acceptable and unsuitable in its other categories. As an illustration, Mizkif displayed several videos of bikini-clad women engaging in suggestive dance moves or baring a lot of flesh by the pool or bathtub. Mizkif questioned why this kind of content was permitted on the website but Alinity’s dancing was prohibited. 

He argued; “It just doesn’t make sense. Why is that okay, but Alinity just simply twerking on stream [is not]? It just makes no sense. If I were Alinity at this point, I’d be terrified to even try to dance on stream or do anything, because are people just going to assume it’s sexual content just because her a** is bigger than the average bear’s? Is she gonna get a ban just for having fun and dancing with friends in the Just Chatting category? Does she need to switch every time she stands up to go to the beaches and hot tubs category?” 

Alinity may have accrued a number of small “infractions” that led to her most recent ban, or her dance may have violated the Just Chatting guidelines for sexual content, or “someone at Twitch just doesn’t like Alinity,” according to Mizkif’s further speculation.

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