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An In-Depth Look At Masayoshi’s Gaming Setup

Masayoshi's gaming setup

Masayoshi has been part of the streaming scene ever since he debuted on Although he originally started it as a way to work on his 3D video editing skills and to share his gameplay with his friends, in 2018, he really began to grind his content production. His hard work paid off, as by October 2018, he was averaging 50 viewers, a year later 500 and 3,000 by October 2020.

Although he is now more of an entertainer than serious League of Legends grinder, he still cares about using responsive gaming equipment to ensure that his production and gaming quality is at its optimum. We have therefore provided a list of the peripherals that appear in Masayoshi’s gaming setup to provide you with this insight.


Masayoshi uses a FinalMouse x Ninja Air58 mouse. Masayoshi’s gaming setup features the Cherry Blossom Red version of the FinalMouse Air58. It is a wired, limited edition mouse that was designed in collaboration with Ninja. Each mouse’s scroll wheel is hand-painted with a unique Japanese haiku. Ambidextrous design with side-buttons that favor right-handed users. It has a honeycomb-shell constructed from thin plastic and no lighting. This allows it to weigh just 58g (2oz).

It is set with a PMW3360 optical sensor that offers four preset dpi levels of 400, 800, 1600 and 3200 at a maximum acceleration of 50G and a maximum speed of 250IPS. Its dimensions are 12.8 x 6 x 4cm (32.51 x 15.24 x 10.16″) and it doesn’t require any software.

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Masayoshi uses HyperX FURY S (XL) mousepad. The HyperX Fury S is a cloth-surfaced mousepad. It has a rubberized underside to keep it in place during gaming sessions, as well as seamless anti-fray stitching to prevent it from splitting. The extra-large version has dimensions of 90 x 42 x 0.4cm (35.4 x 16.54 x 0.16”.) It is also available in three other sizes.

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Masayoshi uses SteelSeries Arctis Pro headset. Masayoshi’s gaming setup includes the wireless version of the SteelSeries Arctis Pro, which is also used by NateHill and Replays. The SteelSeries Artis Pro is a wired gaming headset. It features hi res speakers with 40mm drivers that provide a frequency response range of 10 – 40,000Hz. This is double the usual range of 20 – 20,000Hz. It operates at a nominal impedance of 32Ω.

Its frame is built from polished steel and aluminum alloy with an arctic ski goggle headband that is made from air weave performance fabric. Its earcups are closed-backed to provide a X v2.0 surround sound effect and are padded with leather-covered cooling gel-infused memory foam. This padding integrates a ProSpecs Glasses Relief System that shapes to glasses frames to add extra comfort for glasses-wearing gamers.

It has a retractable, noise-cancelling microphone that is bidirectional and offers a 100 – 10,000Hz frequency response range. It is designed to be compatible with PC, Macs and consoles.

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Masayoshi uses an Audio-Technica AT2020 XLR microphone. This is the XLR version of the AT2020 microphone that was designed to optimize vocal recordings. It has a unidirectional polar pattern that operates with a side-address. Its frequency response range is 20 – 20,000Hz at a nominal impedance of 100Ω. Although you will need to buy both an XLR cable at audio interface with 48C+ phantom power capabilities, it does come with a Stand mount for 5/8″-27 threaded stands, a 5/8″-27 to 3/8″-16 threaded adapter and a soft protective pouch.

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Masayoshi uses a Sony a6000 camera. The Sony Alpha a6000 is a semi-professional mirrorless camera that boasts a Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor. This sensor enables it to shoot still shots at a 4K resolution and movies at a maximum resolution of 1080 at 60p. Its battery life allows for up to 90 minutes of continuous shooting or up to 360 still images. The ISO range is at 100-25,600 ISO range with a framerate of 11fps. Furthermore, one of its most impressive features is its hybrid autofocus with 179-point focal plane phase-detection.

It also features a built-in OLED electronic viewfinder that allows every scene to be viewed at a high contrast of 1.4M dots. Of course, these specifications are pretty advanced and are not essential for a streamer who is starting out, unless they are possibly planning on creating IRL content. We have review simpler webcam options here.

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Masayoshi uses a TC Helicon GoXLR Mini mixer. The GoXLR Mini is the compact version of the original that omits all of the sound effects that are included on the original. It provides one of each channel control for a Mic, Chat, Music and System, which includes a dedicated slider and mute button. It can provide phantom power of 48V+ and can process one headphone and one microphone device at a time. The microphone can also be connected with a TS/TRSTRRS jack. There is also a bleep button to filter out curse words and a temporary mute button to block out sneezes or coughs.

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