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Ludwig Tries Nandos

Ludwig Tries Nandos

During his visit to the UK, YouTuber Ludwig “Ludwig” Ahgren treated himself to a Nando’s takeaway for the first time. The YouTuber claimed it was more “disgusting” than “cheeky.”

Ludwig is doing exceptionally well on YouTube after establishing himself as the Twitch streamer with the most subscribers. He not only orchestrated a massively successful Super Smash Bros. He’s competing in the Melee Championship Series, but he’s also up for Streamer Of The Year at The Streamer Awards 2022.

So it’s clear that Ludwig knows what he’s doing when it comes to creating entertaining content. However, when it comes to high-quality casual dining, not so much.

During a trip to the United Kingdom, the 26-year-old had his first Nando’s experience. Ludwig claimed that Britain’s “most popular fast-food chain” was “disgusting.”

Ludwig uploaded a YouTube video titled ‘I Tried the Most Popular British Fast Food… It Was Horrible’ on February 24th. The video showed the American content creator surrounded by boxes of Nando’s food while on what appeared to be a trip to the United Kingdom. While the South African restaurant chain is particularly popular in the United Kingdom and Australia, Nando’s is relatively uncommon in the United States. So, now that he was finally in a country with an abundance of restaurants, Ludwig decided to partake in a proud British tradition and order a cheeky Nando’s, and he was not impressed.

Ludwig and his partner were perplexed by the fact that they’d be served “chewy cheese in a box,” which British viewers pointed out to be halloumi fries, despite the fact that he enjoyed his peri peri nuts as a starter. The duo also claimed that the classic butterfly chicken was “dry,” and that many of the casual dining chain’s spicier dishes were “mild.”

However, some fans felt that calling Nando’s “disgusting” was unfair, given that the couple enjoyed a variety of dishes. The peri peri fries, the extra hot chicken thigh pita bread, and the chicken wings were all favorites of Ludwig’s. In fact, he came to the conclusion that the food was “decent.”

It’s debatable whether Nando’s is officially Britain’s most popular fast food, but one thing is certain: it holds a special place in the hearts of many UK residents. As a result, it’s no surprise that Ludwig’s review drew some criticism. Several viewers suggested that the YouTuber should have eaten in the restaurant instead of ordering takeout.

So it appears that Ludwig will not be getting another Nando’s anytime soon. Is there any chance that this will prevent the entire UK from flocking to Nando’s for a spicy meal? Certainly not.

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