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Lauren Southern Revealed Reason For Twitch Ban

Lauren Southern Revealed Reason For Twitch Ban

Lauren Southern was banned from Twitch because of one of her broadcast titles, explaining the reason why on September 20th.

Lauren Southern, a political activist and YouTuber with more than 600,000 subscribers, hasn’t shied away from controversy in the past. Her book “Barbarians: How the Baby Boomers, Immigration, and Islam Screwed My Generation” was released in December 2016, and she’s also a bestselling author and filmmaker. “The ABC’s of Morality,” her most recent project, was established to “combat the woke takeover of children’s literature with wholesomeness.”

Southern has used Twitch to stream on occasion in order to expand her online presence, but her account was banned during a debate panel on the platform. While the ban is only temporary, Southern recounted what had occurred, clearly perplexed by their reasoning.

In her first tweet, she wrote; “Well. I just got banned off Twitch. Lol.”

She then delivered an update on the situation about an hour later stating; “So looks like it’s a temporary suspension for ‘hate speech’. I was invited on a panel discussing whether Transgenderism is a mental illness, and I just put the panel discussion topic in the title of my video.”

This topic of discussion was incredibly divisive, facing some backlash from the Twitch community.

With a large trans community on the platform, there was criticism to the panel Southern was featured on. One user even replied in comments stating; “Hosting open hate speech about me and a large part of my viewer base is really not something I’m finding encouraging.”

Lauren confirmed that the suspension is only temporary, although it’s unclear how long she’ll be unable to broadcast on Twitch. Her ban was announced on the same day as the Canadian federal election, so she probably had other things on her mind — but we anticipate to see her debating on Twitch again soon.

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