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Karl Jacobs Comic Book Announcement

Karl Jacobs Comic Book Announcement

A popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for his content centered around the sandbox game, Karl Jacobs, is probably well-known to players if they are even the slightest bit familiar with Minecraft. After teaming up with Dream, a well-liked content creator renowned for both his Minecraft antics and his refusal to reveal his face, the breakout creator gained traction in both the streaming and Minecraft communities. Despite the prominent affiliations, Jacobs has recently succeeded in forging his own path, amassing over 3.7 million YouTube subscribers and nearly the same number on Twitch thanks to his original, narrative-based content.

Twitch anthology series that focuses on Jacobs’ time-traveling Minecraft character called “Tales from the SMP,”, is one of the more well-known types of content he creates. Twitch viewers flocked in droves to the “Tales from the SMP” series when it debuted in 2020. This was due to a variety of other well-known content creators, including Corpse Husband, ConnorEatsPants, and others, in addition to its amusing concept and execution. Fans are going absolutely crazy over the news that the series will soon spawn a comic book because it has become so popular.

Dark Horse Comics later confirmed this on its official Twitter profile, while at the same time revealing the artists behind the project. On August 2, Jacobs announced that he had started working with the well-known Dark Horse Comics to produce a comic book series based on “Tales from the SMP.” Dave Scheidt will pen the script for the comic book series, and Kelly and Nichole Matthews will draw the covers.

The news undoubtedly shocked Jacobs’ fan base, who were quick to congratulate the young content creator on landing such an awesome job. Popular YouTuber Sapnap expressed his admiration for Jacobs. Nolan Hansen, a frequent partner with MrBeast, couldn’t control themselves. Some people even reported crying when they heard the news.

A powerhouse in the comics industry Dark Horse Comics is in charge of comic books based on well-known IPs, including “Star Wars,” “Sin City,” and “300,” among others. Having previously created comics based on popular franchises like “Avatar: The Last Airbender” and “Star Wars,” writer Dave Scheidt is also no slouch. The artistic duo Kelly and Nichole Matthews, also known as Kicking Shoes, is well-known for their collaborations with R.L. Stine graphic novels to Boom! Studios’ “Power of the Dark Crystal” Studios.

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