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Jon Zherka Ban

Jon Zherka Ban

A not-so-popular 25-year old streamer named Jon Zherka was recently banned earlier today from Twitch after reportedly streaming an exclusive opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020.

On July 23rd, (7:00am ET), the Tokyo Olympics was broadcast globally on NBC. Jon Zherka is a well-known player of different popular online games such as; CS:GO, Among Us, and Fortnite, and is said to have re-streamed the opening ceremony.

NBC has signed a $7.75 billion agreement that provides them exclusive broadcast rights to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics through the 2032 Brisbane Olympics. Given the financials of the agreement, Jon Zherka looks to have gotten away with merely a 48-hour ban.

Twitch responded promptly to the restriction, given that the Olympics’ opening ceremony took place earlier today.. The suspension of Jon Zherka prompted a post, with a number of viewers shocked by the streamer’s lack of understanding.

Most fans and followers believed that the streamer should have known better and not re-streamed the video, given the apparent media rights connected with the huge event. Others criticized Jon Zherka’s talk for failing to notify him of the possible violation. The majority of viewers, on the other hand, believed Zherka committed a mistake.

The penalty in question was issued just hours after the violation was committed and after that, the streamer tweeted the following, claiming that he will surely be unbanned in 48 hours. Jon Zherka is not that famous as other streamers in Twitch. He has about 173,000 Instagram followers and 14,700 Youtube subscribers. He claims to be a full-time bouncer who “got popular on YouTube” on his YouTube channel.

Jon Zherka has been banned twice from the streaming platform Twitch in as many times. He had been suspended for three months before for clicking on a photo of a female who was shown wearing a bikini. On the other hand, after being suspended for three months, Twitch immediately claimed that there was an “error” regarding his suspension and said that it was a mistake.

Regardless, his second suspension in just as many months looks to have a simple explanation. The majority of Reddit users mocked Jon Zherka, despite the fact that the streamer would be back on the site in 48 hours.


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