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Join Mihoyo!

Join Mihoyo!

Fortnite, step aside. Twitch streamers can now join Mihoyo’s Genshin Impact Partner Program.

The Chinese gaming studio behind the blockbuster popular RPG said it created the partner program to help Genshin Impact Twitch streamers, adding that it wants to give more high-quality content training and collaboration chances. Mihoyo plans to grow its pool of streamers, offer monthly awards as well as occasional item prizes, and launch a dedicated Discord channel.

All streamers are encouraged to apply, but there are some guidelines they must follow during the procedure. First and foremost, you must have an existing Twitch channel featuring Genshin Impact broadcasts. You’ll also need at least 3,000 followers.

Mihoyo also advises participants to be cautious about what they broadcast during their live streams. Pornography, politics, war, violence, or other content explicitly prohibited on Twitch, particularly content involving copyright infringement, must not be included in the content of your Twitch channel.

This form is for Twitch streamers who want to apply for the Genshin Impact Partner Program. The application will be open until October 26th, and Mihoyo estimates that it will take about 15 days to examine entries after they are submitted.

Mihoyo chose the best time to launch a Twitch partner program for lovers of the Breath of the Wild-style RPG. The “Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog” update for Genshin Impact will be released tomorrow, and it will include the final of Inazuma’s six islands, Tsurumi Island, a new playable character named Thoma, and a slew of new challenges and mini-games.

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