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It’s GeorgeNotFound’s Birthday


Anyone who watches Minecraft streams and content is probably familiar with GeorgeNotFound. He’s a fantastic content creator who consistently creates engaging Minecraft content. The streamer is a close friend of Dream’s and can frequently be found in Dream’s manhunt and Dream SMP.

GeorgeNotFound’s birthday is today, November 1st. He joked about his birthday on Twitter, and many of his fellow Minecraft streamers and fans gave him a hearty happy birthday from all across the world.

GeorgeNotFound’s birthday wasn’t forgotten, as all of his Minecraft buddies wished him well and included some witty responses in their messages including his friends such as Quackity, Dream, Karl Jacobs, Sapnap, BadBoyHalo, Punz, TapL, and TinaKitten.

GeorgeNotFound is one of the biggest names in the Minecraft content community. He has a remarkable 9.7 million YouTube subscribers and 4.5 million Twitch followers.

On YouTube, GeorgeNotFound is known for creating unique Minecraft content. GeorgeNotFound even collaborated with Dream on a video for Dream’s birthday last year.

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