Innocents has been building a name for himself ever since he started streaming in August 2018. His channel especially grew during his time when he was part of Ghost Gaming’s pro-Fortnite team. He is known for his high-kill games and skill shots and is considered by many to be one of the top controller players on the NA servers. He is also pretty selective about which specs he shares with his viewers, so its worth noting the gear in Innocents gaming setup he has chosen to mention.


controller for Innocents gaming setup

Innocents uses an Xbox Elite controller. Innocent’s gaming setup includes the original Xbox Elite wireless controller. It has a textured and rubberized grips to prevent the controller from slipping during gameplay, as well as three sets of magnetized thumbsticks in order for players to choose the height that they’re most comfortable with. The D pad also comes with two magnetized options, with one being the standard cross-shape and the other being round and facetted.

It also comes with four removable hair trigger locks on its underside. All of these buttons can be further customized through its app. These include trigger values and thumbstick sensitivities, among other parameters, with the capability of storing two profiles directly onto the controller itself. It is compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Windows 10.

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Innocents gaming setup controller

Innocents uses a SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard. Innocents has chosen the full-sized version of the SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard. This means that unlike the tenkeyless version, this RGB keyboard also includes the number pad on its right side. Further features include OMNIPOINT Adjustable mechanical switches that can be adjusted for actuation distances ranging from between 0.4mm to 3.6mm.

It is constructed from an “aircraft grade” aluminium alloy base in order to increase its durability and comes with a detachable magnetic wrist rest.

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Headset that is part of Innocents Gaming Setup

Innocents uses ASTRO A40 TR headphones. The ASTRO A40 TR headset is wired, over-ear and open-backed, and is powered by a 3.55mm jack connector. The open back allows for a stereo effect, but also allows some background sound to filter in. However, this also means that there is less sound pressure being put onto the user’s eardrums. Its drivers have a frequency range of between 20 – 20,000HZ as well as a nominal impedance rating of 48Ohms.

The standard ear cups are made from a faux-leather fabric that can be switched out for a separately purchasable noise cancelling mod set, if the user would prefer. Its headband is adjustable, and both its tags and the speakers’ tags can be customized with purchasable mod kits.

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Innocents uses the ASTRO A40 TR’s microphone. In an uncommon move among streamers, Innocents as opted out of including a dedicated mic in his gaming setup. Rather, he has decided to stick with his ASTRO A40 TR’s microphone. It is a detachable 6.0mm unidirectional boom microphone that can be attached on either side of the headset and also comes with an inline mute button.

It is omnidirectional with a high sensitivity that is designed to focus on vocal inputs in order to minimize the amount of background noise filtering through the recordings.

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