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Hasan Teases Out End Of Twitch Contract

Hasan Teases Out End Of Twitch Contract

After teasering the end of his contract with Twitch during a talk with Pokimane, followers are certain that well-known streamer Hasan may be departing the platform.

One of the most well-known personalities on Twitch, where Hasan has over 2 million followers, is a partnered streamer. Hasan has spent the most of his career streaming on Twitch, while having a significant following on numerous other social media platforms. but some supporters believe that’s about to change. 

This rumor comes from one of his most recent interactions with Pokimane, who was participating in a Twitch livestream at the time. Hasan’s announcement of his expiring Twitch contract during their discussion got the attention of viewers all across the internet. 

Hasan said; “My contract is ending soon, so I’m trying to get my hours in.” Pokimane then joked; “Oh, you teasing us with a little something? You got more to say?” in which hasan respond saying; “No, I don’t got more to say. But that’s it. That’s all I got to say.”

Although it’s unknown whether Hasan will decide to continue with Twitch, viewers are undoubtedly interested in the streamer’s future plans given that several of his fellow creators have recently switched to YouTube. Hasan’s current comments come after a number of former Twitch stars switched to YouTube, most recently former Twitch star “Fuslie,” who cited Twitch’s DMCA procedure as a major factor in her decision. 

Should Hasan decide to go to YouTube, doing so wouldn’t be a tough step given that the channel already has more than a million subscribers (and a second channel with 39k subs). What Hasan will do next is currently unknown, but as of this writing, he is still streaming on Twitch until his contract ends and is fighting with xQc in the meantime.

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