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Grace Van Dien Threatens To Leave FaZe Clan

Grace Van Dien Threatens To Leave FaZe Clan

Following the release of a video of their previous meeting, which concluded with the former walking away, the conflict involving Grace Van Dien and FaZe Rain has gotten worse.

The spat between the two streams dates back a week, and it all started when FaZe Clan decided to add the Stranger Things actress to their roster. It seems the two went down in person to sort it out after trading some nasty jabs online. However, the conversation soured after around 20 minutes, and Van Dien left the room inconsolably, issuing what appeared to be an ultimatum to FaZe Clan: “Um, tell [unintelligible] that I am not doing this video. And if they release anything, I’m leaving FaZe.”

For those who are unaware, Nordan “Rain” and Grace Van Dien “Bluefille” have been at odds ever since the latter leaked the information that the former would be joining FaZe Clan as a content developer. The esports organization’s higher administration and Rain had been at odds, thus Rain claimed on social media that the signing was political. In later online fights, Van Dien and Rain traded more insults. The former brought up the aspiring streamer’s drug use, while the latter questioned his expertise in video games. 

Their most recent meeting was intended to help them reach a compromise. However, Rain noted in a tweet that by the 20th minute of the video, it had turned into a mess. 

She referred to Rain as a nasty person just before Van Dien left the room, claiming that the interaction’s footage shouldn’t be made public. “I think you’re a terrible person.”

During the initial online debate, Grace Van Dien attracted a sizable following. Now that the video has been made public on YouTube, it is unknown if she will decide to leave FaZe Clan.

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