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Emiru Addressed Mental Health Concerns

When concerned fans notice several symptoms manifesting, Emiru opens up about her mental health while streaming to her growing Twitch audience.

Emily “Emiru” Schunk, a popular Twitch streamer, has recently seen an increase in viewership, prompting some fans to question the streamer’s mental health. Emiru has gone on the record to address the issue after hearing her fans’ concerns.

Emiru was opening up about her mental health during a recent Twitch stream spotted by Dexerto, in response to several fan inquiries about her hoarding of Kirby plushies and rabbits. Emiru has 60 Kirbies and ten rabbits in his collection so far, but the Twitch streamer dismisses hoarding concerns as unrelated patterns. While Emiru acknowledged that some patterns may cause concern among her friends and followers, she assured them that they “do not have to worry.”

Fans have repeatedly asked Emiru in her Twitch livestreams if she suffers from mental health issues, but the streamer appears unconcerned. During a recent CodeMiko Twitch stream podcast, Emiru joked about her mental illness when asked how she is able to play the same games over and over again. Despite the jokes, symptoms, and some minor hoarding, Emiru believes she is “more than okay.”

Emiru moved in with friend and fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif at the One True King content house after allegedly encountering a stalker. This caused friction between her, Mizkif, and Mizkif’s ex-girlfriend, Maya, who is also a Twitch streamer. Although some streamers’ fans were initially concerned about the trio, Maya has already apologized to both Emiru and Mizkif on the record.

Fans of OTK can still catch a glimpse of Emiru in various streams and YouTube videos where she interacts with the organization’s various members.

Emiru was known for creating impressive cosplays of various gaming and anime characters before streaming on Twitch with gaming organization Cloud9. Emiru was able to reach Twitch’s top 100 thanks to her collaboration with Cloud9 and streamers from the One True King brand, in addition to the followers she already had. She now has over 600,000 Twitch followers. Emiru isn’t just known for her Twitch streams; she also wears her cosplay on TikTok, where she has 1.4 million followers and makes videos.

Despite the fact that hoarding is a serious problem that some people regard as a sign of mental illness, many people all over the world enjoy collecting things. Emiru clearly enjoys Nintendo’s pink puffball character and the small fluffy pets, as evidenced by her 60 Kirby plushies and ten rabbits. Because she recognizes certain patterns, it’s unclear if Emiru ever considered she might have mental health issues prior to her Twitch followers pleading with her to address their concerns.

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