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Dream and Sapnap Post Costumes for Halloween


Minecraft YouTuber Dream has recently tweeted out a photo he did with his roommate, Sapnap displaying their Halloween costumes on Sunday, October 31st.

On Twitter, a number of other content creators have been sharing their outfits. None, however, has received as much love and attention as Dream and Sapnap’s photoshoot. A panda onesie, a ghost, and two characters from the popular Netflix series Squid Game were among the friends’ outfits.

Dream has recently shared a spooky photoshoot he did with his long-time pal Sapnap of their Halloween costumes. The duo dressed up in a few different costumes, sometimes posing with their cat, Patches. Notably, the two dressed up as two of the main antagonists in the infamous and ever-popular Squid Game. Not just fans, but also fellow creators, including several from the Dream SMP, reacted positively to the tweet containing both of their fall-themed photoshoots.

Tommy “TommyInnit” Simons, Tina “TinaKitten” Kenyon, Toby “Tubbo” Smith, Alex “Quackity,” Dave “Krtzyy,” and Karl Jacobs were among the content creators.

The release of a photoshoot featuring the widely beloved faceless streamer, as well as the interaction and demonstration of affection between the content creators, has sent fans into a frenzy.

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