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Doublelift’s Say On Bjergsen As TSM Head Coach

Twitch streamer and former pro player Yiliang Peng AKA ‘Doublelift’ recently shared his thoughts and explained why Bjergsen was an effective head coach for TSM, compared to most LCS head coaches who are “useless” and “there to collect a paycheck.”

In his nearly decade as a pro player, Doublelift had one of the most illustrious careers in LCS history, winning a record 8 LCS titles.

Much of that time was spent at TSM as a teammate of star player Bjergsen, with whom he became extremely close.

After spending the 2021 season as TSM’s head coach, Bjergsen recently announced his return to the game and signed a contract with Team Liquid. Doublelift recently weighed in on Bjerg’s experience and credibility as TSM’s coach, comparing it to his own experiences with other LCS head coaches.

Bjergsen gave his first interview after returning to the team on November 24th.

Doublelift was watching the interview on stream and disagreed with Bjerg when he said that being a head coach is “a really hard job.”

Doublelift stated that he will be forthright, and that he believes it is because he has such lofty goals for himself. There are some coaches who are only interested in collecting a paycheck and doing the bare minimum. Knowing Soren, he’s not coming in to coach to “f**k” around, and if you’re the coach, you have to feel responsible for everyone’s performance, not just your own. It’s you, the other coaching staff, the assistant coaches and analysts, and every player.You can always be talking, better moderating discussions.

He concluded his remarks on Bjergsen by saying that he feels bad for him because coaching is such a competitive field with so much room for creativity, but he believes it’s just his perspective on the job. There are a lot of coaches who are taking it easy right now.

TSM finished with the best LCS record of 30-15 during Bjergsen’s one season as head coach, but failed to qualify for the Worlds after losing to Cloud9.

While Bjergsen thought his time as TSM’s coach was difficult, Doublelift saw it as a reflection of his high expectations of himself.

With the Danish mid laner back in the LCS as a player, his focus will shift to helping Team Liquid return to the World Championships.

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