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Disguised Toast Not Interested Playing Among Us Again

Disguised Toast Not Interested Playing Among Us Again

One of the well-known Twitch streamers of all time, Jeremy Wang AKA DisguisedToast, recently talked with his fans on one of his livestream and shared that he had turned down several chances to join Among Us lobbies.

Without a doubt, Among Us was the game of 2020. On its journey to the top, it earned Game of the Year for its cross-platform accessibility and simply addictive replayability. Disguised Toast was a major content producer in the game, partnering with other OfflineTV content makers like Pokimane, as well as his “Amigops’ like Valkyrae and Corpse Husband, to create some of the game’s most interesting content for all of their fans.

However, when the game’s popularity began to fade, he stated in April that he would no longer be creating content for it. He also shared and has now claimed that he has been offered opportunities to return, but has explained why he has declined them.

Disguised Toast returned to Twitch to communicate with fans, explaining that he had rejected five invitations to join Among Us lobbies along with other content producers because he “didn’t believe” in playing a game he didn’t like.

“I’ve been thinking about content, especially now that Among Us is gone, because I have a lot of spare time these days. I believe I’ve been invited to five Among Us lobbies since I quit, and each time I’ve declined. I just do not believe in playing a game in which you have no interest. Even if it’s for the sake of content or viewership.”

With the popularity of Among Us waning, it’s doubtful that Toast would return to the game permanently anytime soon since he continues to collaborate with other OfflineTV members.

His recent escapades on the OTV Rust server have been a huge success, but he believes the server is currently limited because he can’t “be an assh*le” to other streamers because he’ll most likely meet them in person.

Maybe this struggle will lead him back to Among Us, where “ass***e” is such a big part of the game.


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