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Disguised Toast Is Open To Boxing Match

Disguised Toast Is Open To Boxing Match

Twitch streamer Disguised Toast said he would consider entering the ring during a Q&A on June 2 and listed some possible opponents for his boxing debut.

With the massive success of iDubbbz’ Creator Clash, which saw 18 internet personalities enter the ring and raised $1.3 million for charity, content creator boxing events have seen a resurgence. With Creator Clash 2, the event will return in Spring 2023, and several streamers, including Valkyrae, have already expressed interest.

During a Twitch Q&A with his viewers, Disguised Toast was asked if he’d consider competing in a boxing event, to which the Twitch star joked that his friend and fellow streamer Sykkuno would make a good first opponent.

After that, Disguised Toast listed a couple of other streamers with whom he could potentially fight.

Despite the fact that Disguised Toast is interested in a boxing match, we’re still a long way from seeing him in the ring. The influencers who took part in Creator Clash had to go through months of intensive training before the event, so it’s understandable if the Twitch streamer prioritized his content creation.

After the outpouring of support for fellow Offline TV member Michael Reeves’ victory in the first Creator Clash, it’s not surprising that Toast will eventually enter the fray.

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