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Dezignful Threatens Fellow Player

Dezignful Threatens Fellow Player

Another player has called out G2 Esports Apex Legends pro Dezignful for threatening to do something to them at TwitchCon later this year.

TwitchCon is one of the most important gatherings for internet celebrities to meet and interact with their followers. However, one Apex Legends player is debating whether or not to attend this year’s tournament.

After a heated exchange in private messages, Twitch streamer and Apex player inhuman claims that he has been threatened by G2 pro Dezignful.

Inhuman shared a private conversation he had with G2 pro Dezignful on Twitter. After a few more exchanges, inhuman decided to take some personal shots of his own.

This all allegedly stemmed from a video in which Dezignful was labeled a “racist” by inhuman.

In the video, he is killed by a player whose name is in a language other than English. As a result, Dezignful allegedly made a “racist” remark.

Dezignful took the matter to the DMs because Inhuman was spreading it around the community. Inhuman has tagged both G2 and Twitch in posts since the altercation. He stated that he intended to attend TwitchCon with his girlfriend, but that someone is “threatening my visit.”

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