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Content Creator HasanAbi Reads Streamer Bratgorian Comments

Content Creator HasanAbi Reads Streamer Bratgorian Comments

Hasan Piker, a fellow content creator, read out Bratgorian’s crude remarks against him, leaving the Twitch streamer red-faced.

We all have a few streamers that we really respect, and Hasan has a large following on Twitch who aren’t shy about expressing their admiration for him. Although the majority of comments laud Hasan’s writing, Twitch streamer Azure aka Bratgorian focused her admiration on his physical attractiveness. Bratgorian, however, received the shock of her life when Hasan learned about her humorous stream comment.

As Hasan watched the 2022 midterm elections on his Twitch channel, streamer Bratgorian made the decision to compliment another critical factor: Hasan’s attire. Bratgorian chose to try and make an impression on Hasan despite the seriousness of the feed he was watching. Bratgorian said, “Hasan you look so hot in that color green, I would let you hold me at gunpoint.”

Hasan responded while appearing visibly perplexed by Bratgorian’s statement; “okay, that person should not be allowed to vote.” Erupting in a fit of embarrassed laughter, all Bratgorian could muster was “that was the comment! that was the comment!” 

The unanticipated event took place during the Bratgorian’s “first 5-hour stream” as well, which was meant to increase her audience as a developing content creator. 

Hasan has spoken out on the current state of streaming networks’ comments policies. Hasan has been streaming on Twitch for a while and has thought about switching to YouTube, but only if they develop their “chat culture.” The time it takes for Hasan to convert to YouTube may be considerable given comments like Bratgorian’s.

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