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Cavalry Banned

Cavalry Banned

Twitch streamers are frequently banned for content that is deemed to be more risque, but the platform recently made headlines when it banned a streamer for using a profile picture of singer SZA.

SZA (Solána Imani Rowe) is a prominent singer who has received many Grammy awards and an Oscar nomination for best original song. However, a photograph of her was deemed “inappropriate” for use on Twitch.

A Twitch streamer that goes by the name Cavalry who used a photo of SZA posing without pants while clutching a glock and a Macbook, was banned on October 2nd. The platform claimed in an email to Cavalry that the photo was considered “inappropriate attire,” citing someone wearing a bikini while cooking as an example of “violative content.”

Some users reacted to the restriction by joking that the gun in SZA’s hand was alright, but her lack of pants was the major issue. Others remarked on the irony of controversial hot tub streams being allowed on Twitch while photos of SZA can lead to a ban.

One user even commented stating; “There’s literally no way man, this double standard is crazy”.

Cavalry was fortunate in that the suspension was only for one day, and he was soon able to resume streaming, albeit with a photo from Neon Genesis Evangelion instead. It only goes to show that, even if someone is a famous singer, breaking Twitch’s rules by using a photo of them can result in a ban.

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