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Becoming Animated For Duncanville

Becoming Animated For Duncanville

Ninja, a live-streamer, tells CBR how thrilled he was to see himself animated for Fox’s Duncanville and other dream guest appearances.

Duncanville recently returned for a third season on Fox, giving the show one of its most expansive platforms to date. Duncan Harris and his friends are whisked away to become Slayer’s personal guests after inadvertently donating far too much money to the live-streamer Slayer — only for things to take a turn when the truth is revealed. Slayer is played by Ninja, one of the internet’s most prolific and popular streamers, rather than any of the show’s regular cast members.

He’s one of the industry’s most popular personalities, with over 18 million Twitch subscribers at the time of writing. Ninja is now looking forward to seeing himself in various mediums.

Tyler Blevins — aka professional gamer and streamer Ninja — spoke about the unexpected elements of live-streamers that mainstream audiences might miss during an exclusive interview with CBR to discuss his appearance on Duncanville as Slayer. He also talked about how it felt to see himself come to life in animation and which other shows he’d like to guest star on.

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