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Aydan First Twitch Ban

Aydan First Twitch Ban

Twitch has just prohibited streaming sensation Aydan from using his account for the first time, making him one of Warzone’s most popular rivals.

A prominent figure in the Call of Duty community has recently been banned from Twitch. Aydan, a well-known Warzone competitor and former Fortnite pro, is currently unable to log into his account due to a Twitch ban from December 12. His suspension on the Amazon-owned site is his first, and the reason for it is apparently because his broadcast contained “sexually explicit content.” But it’s unclear exactly what the content was. 

Although the precise reason for this sentence is still unclear. Even Aydan is “unsure” of the future “game plan.”  

He replied to fellow Subliners streamer Swishem on Twitter by saying, “Honestly, I’m not 100% sure. I wasn’t really provided any context or clip for reference so I’m just left here thinking.”

For the time being, the standard warning that reads “This channel is temporarily inaccessible due to a breach of Twitch’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service” shows when watching his Twitch channel. Aydan stated that the prohibition would last seven days, thus he would be permitted to broadcast again on December 19th. Aydan most recently participated in the $25,000 Sadie Hawkins Warzone 2 competition. It’s unclear what, if anything, he said or did during this tournament that led to his Twitch ban. After all, we have already witnessed accounts being mistakenly subject to interim suspensions.

According to data retrieved from sullygnome, Aydan is currently the third most-watched broadcaster in the category on Twitch over the previous 30 days, amid the buzz surrounding the release of Warzone 2. He’s by far one of the largest streamers in the CoD market right now with over a million hours of watch time and an average viewership of just around 8,000.

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