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Aspecticor Surprised With Trilogy World Record

Aspecticor Surprised With Trilogy World Record

Despite difficult gameplay challenges, Twitch streamer Aspecticor narrowly beats the official Hitman Trilogy world record.

The Hitman World of Assassination Trilogy has been one of the most popular examples of stealth action in modern gaming for the past five years, with a lot of streamers trying to beat the games as quickly as possible. The Hitman 3 Trilogy speedrun world record was recently broken by a Twitch streamer.

If previously owned, Hitman 3 allows players to import levels from Hitman 1 and 2, allowing them to play through all of the levels in their preferred playstyle.

Twitch streamer and speedrunner Aspecticor, on the other hand, was able to narrowly beat the previous record by taking on the “Silent Assassin, Suit Only” challenges (“SA/SO” for short) with a stunned reaction.

With a time of 27 minutes and 56 seconds, Aspecticor beat the previous record of 27 minutes and 56 seconds set by Razulu, a streamer with the same name. The actual video of the record being broken perfectly encapsulates Aspecticor’s astonishment, especially since he had just mentioned that enemy AI was obstructing his attempt. Speedrunners hone their skills by memorizing and practicing for thousands of hours.

Hitman 3’s smallest details are used to allow Agent 47 to exploit gaps in the AI to pull off undetected assassinations in the full run, which shows Aspecticor pushing the game to its limits.

The creative ways that Agent 47 can assassinate targets is one of the most recognizable features of any Hitman game. To complete the additional “Silent Assassin, Suit Only” challenges, you must meet additional requirements, such as never changing your uniform or being spotted by guards. In a run where stealth is crucial, this limits what players can do, but speed and fully memorized paths across the sprawling maps appear to remedy this.

Aspecticor beat the previous record while running Hitman 3 with the addition of a Peacock server, unlike previous speed runs attempted on official Hitman servers. This not only gives you more options when it comes to suit selection, but it also helps you avoid lag and improve your game’s latency. Because all levels were attempted in one run, load times were included on both runs, and they appear to be the same for both runs when compared side by side, but the narrow window of success could be due to this small but significant technical improvement.

Official speedrun sites have logged and verified the Hitman Trilogy’s record-breaking time, and Razulu has since changed the title of his previous attempt to reflect the “Old World Record” time. With only one second between attempts, however, it is unknown how long this latest record will stand before being beaten again in the future.

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