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Asmongold Had A Heated Interaction With Viewer

Asmongold Had A Heated Interaction With Viewer

On April 22, 2023, Twitch celebrity Zack “Asmongold” got into a heated argument with one of his viewers during a livestream.

Everything started when the streamer was looking through the most popular posts on his own subreddit when he came across a post that said McDonald’s was building a “totally automated restaurant” without any staff members. The Austin, Texas-based personality’s focus was then directed toward a viewer who dubbed him “r**arded” after he had spoken his opinion on the subject. This prompted Asmongold to check the viewer’s Twitch chat logs, where he found that the latter had previously expressed some rather strong sentiments about him. 

Asmongold reacted as follows when he observed the viewer criticizing the channel’s moderators for time them out and asserting that they were “greatly preserving the echo chamber” of the content creator: “So, this is a person who is… and by the way, doesn’t this mean that it’s not an echo chamber? Because I’m talking to you directly and it’s clear that you disagree with me? So, you can obviously see that this person is probably has mental challenges because they think that having ‘WASD’ in Diablo 4 is a problem. So, I can’t wait to see how I’m wrong.”

On April 22, Asmongold brought up the opening of a completely automated McDonald’s restaurant two hours into his stream. The streamer explained that this was the future and made the following claim: “I mean, I think this is the future. Right? I mean, people ask for a higher minimum wage and it’s like, if you’re a McDonald’s… there is clearly a… like, if you to have either have a robot or have some; there’s a break-even point, with spending money on employees. And, if an employee costs a certain amount of money, it’s cheaper to just do it with a robot. So, there it is! That’s what happens.”

A few seconds later, the co-founder of One True King (OTK) observed a Twitch chatter who disagreed with him. They penned: “Your mods do a great job of maintaining your echo chamber, some f**king pathetic b**ch timing people out for their different opinions. Sorry a** mods. Bro, you are so r**arded.” 

In response, Asmongold stated that the viewer’s interpretation of Diablo 4’s mechanics was the cause of their “mental problems.” He subsequently updated the chat logs and saw that the latter stated they had run out of time because they had a “different opinion.” The 32-year-old streaming celebrity reacted to this by saying: “No, you were timed out for a stupid opinion. And you are also timed out for spamming. It’s one thing to say it once or twice. It’s another thing to say it, like, what? Ten times? Do you think we didn’t see it the first time? You got timed out for being annoying and stupid! It’s got nothing to do with having a different opinion. That’s why you didn’t get timed out the first time. It was the 20th time.”

A channel moderator by the name of Jeebuu made the decision to permanently ban the user at this point. Asmongold exclaimed while laughing: “Just got banned! What’d he say? Oh, God! Oh, he’s f**king banned! Yeah, there we go. We’re done. What a f**king idiot, man! Oh, my God! Some people… Get the f**k out of here! And this is what happens with my opinions. See, these are the kinds of people that say that kind of stuff. They’re so stupid! Like, it’s amazing!”

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