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Amouranth Talks About Her Future Children

Amouranth Talks About Her Future Children

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, a well-known Twitch broadcaster, has explained why she would be fine with her future children joining OnlyFans.

Amouranth has profited handsomely from OnlyFans over the years, bringing in millions of dollars each and every month and even making money while dozing off on stream. She has invested her money in a variety of assets, including several petrol stations, businesses like Activision-Blizzard, and even her own AI chatbot. Amouranth recently made an appearance on the podcast The Iced Coffee Hour. When asked about the notion of her future daughter using the adult platform, she immediately expressed her ardent support. Amouranth presented a long series of justifications for why she would “absolutely be fine” with her daughter creating content for OnlyFans.

The Kick streamer said, “She can do it from the comfort of her own home, she’s not having to go out and put herself in weird situations, to try to make money,”

Siragusa mentioned how women have been pushed to have affairs with their employers in order to advance in the corporate sector. Her daughter can, however, earn as much money as she wants online by doing anything she pleases. She added; “Whatever she’s comfortable with, in the power of her own home with whoever is consenting and she gets to decide that. I think that’s awesome. It gives her the power to do it anywhere she wants without having to feel like she’s a slave to the 9-5 grind that the rest of society often gets sucked into.”

All in all, Amouranth said she will give her daughter some important advice about protecting her identity online without disclosing her address or other personal information. Since Amouranth has dealt with numerous stalkers over the years, it makes sense that she would place such a high value on internet safety if her daughter ever decided to have an OnlyFans account.

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