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Amouranth Paid To Call Followers Losers

Amouranth is known for posting videos of herself dancing, playing video games, and other activities. She is almost always in bikinis or underwear and told Vice that she earns $1.5 million per month from Twitch and its explicit counterpart, OnlyFans, by posting content. Someone offered $8,000 to slam them on her Facebook page and call them a loser.

People frequently email Amouranth with offers of “obscene” sums of money, which she admits are not always genuine and recently, it appears to be legitimate as the donation has already been made through Amouranth’s “fan page messenger.”

Twitch was purchased by Amazon for $1 billion in 2014, and the streaming platform has grown in popularity since then and the service has now 2 million concurrent viewers at any given time, thanks to a surge in users during the coronavirus pandemic. Broadcasters broadcast themselves playing video games, cooking, chatting with friends, and a variety of other activities.

Users are prohibited from posting explicit content, unlike rival streaming platforms such as OnlyFans. Also, it prohibits the “sexually suggestive content,” such as focusing the camera on the “breasts, buttocks, or pelvic region.”

Amouranth has repeatedly violated the company’s nudity policies. Following a string of racy broadcasts, she announced last May that Twitch had suspended advertising on her channel.

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