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Adept Speaks About xQc’s McLaren

Adept Speaks About xQc’s McLaren


The $300,000 McLaren 720s Spider that xQc bought in November is actually registered in her name, according to Adept, making it hers legally.

Back in November 2021, xQc disclosed to his viewers on a Forza Horizon 5 stream that he had just paid a stunning $300,000 for a McLaren 720s Spider while showing them pictures. After a few weeks, the Twitch celebrity drove the vehicle live to demonstrate that, despite not having a license, he genuinely owned it. Adept has since explained on a recent stream how he was able to obtain the car; it is legally hers because it is registered in her name.

On October 31st, Adept mentioned in her stream that she had recently picked up her ex-boyfriend in the McLaren so they could go out and do something. As a result, the chat started telling Adept that she should give the car back to xQc because it is his vehicle. Adept instantly fired back by bringing up the fact that you need a driver’s license in order to register a vehicle. 

She said; “So how does a vehicle registration work? You’ve never bought a vehicle in your life, how does it work? Thank you, there are adults in the chat telling you your answers right there. How do you register a car in someone else’s name, what do they need?”

In the US, she explained, it is acceptable to buy a car without a valid driver’s license, but not to register it. At the time this post was written, xQc hadn’t addressed her claims; but, we’ll make sure to do so as soon as he does.

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