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Trainwrecks Explains Rise Of Andre Tate

Trainwrecks Explains Rise Of Andre Tate

During a recent Twitch livestream, TrainwrecksTV explains the controversial Andrew Tate’s recent popularity.

Andrew Tate most likely appeared in your Twitter and TikTok feeds if you’ve been on social media recently. The controversial kickboxer and online persona have gained notoriety numerous times for expressing “misogynistic” opinions about women, and at one point, his extreme views even got him banned from Twitter.

The kick-unexpected boxer’s rise to fame, which has seen him gain over 2.5 million Instagram followers despite having controversial views, has many people in awe. But according to TrainswrecksTV, he knows why Tate’s popularity on social media has exploded.

Tyler Niknam AKA Trainwreck, recently told his 2 million Twitch viewers that Tate’s popularity is a result of people disliking him.

Trainwreck infers from his remarks that those who feel the world is too “sensitive” are drawn to controversial figures like Tate and decide to follow them despite their opposition to the things they find repugnant.

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